Wow, it is 2022 already!

I realize that I haven’t written in awhile. I have to acknowledge that I really did not notice. I was busy. I finished my first semester in graduate school (and I haven’t been a full-time student since 2010) while still working at my full-time job. In November I ran a half-marathon and I am registered for a number of races this year, so have been training for them. I moved apartments. My work went back to remote working. I’ve been busy.

So today is January 1st, 2022. I have officially moved. I have a desk set up in my new apartment and it’s ready to go and in a much better set up than my previous location. I am only paying the rent for one apartment per month. I am working on setting up furniture and artwork.

So what races do I have coming up? I have the 60 of North Run, which is 60 kilometres virtually throughout the month of January. I have an 8km next weekend and a 10km in three weeks. An 8km in February. A half in March, as well as a 10km. April has a 5km.

Way back in 2020 I registered for a 40 mile race. The credit is supposed to be on my account and it is not, but if/when it is available, I will be registering for that too. There is also a skyrunning race in Alberta that I am considering. I don’t make new years resolutions but my intention is that I will start trying harder races, different styles and being faster. It’s about improving on my own activities.

How do resolutions work? We make a goal, something we want to achieve and work towards. On what grounds do we pick the resolution? Is it something that we personally want or something that we think we should want? Are we choosing to lose weight because we want to give up beer and chocolate? Are we choosing to limit coffee because we want to wean off caffeine? Are we going to learn a new language or start doing crochet? Are these things we want or that we think we should want?

I have heard “This year I plan to have fewer (or no) seizures”. Really? How do you choose to work towards that? Epilepsy is a neurological condition. Unless you spent 2021 (and any previous years) indulging in all of your triggers (if you have them), there is no way to control the number of seizures you will or will not have. It’s not an option. Harsh words, but accurate. Cynical, but true.

So I can’t make a resolution to be “less epileptic” this year. I can’t make a resolution “to have fewer seizures”. I can make goals that are attainable if I focus, work hard and dedicate myself. I can be better at my job. I have another course and maybe I can do better than the 93% I got this semester. I can run faster, further, and climb higher. There are parts of my brain I can control. There are parts of my body I can control. Those are the parts I will make resolutions for. I don’t actually even need the change of a year to make them.

All I want for this year is to continue lacing up my sneakers. I hope not to have seizures but even if I do, I hope to get up and keep running. Let’s make 2022 a year of hope and goals.

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