The Next Adventure(s)

Halloween is over. I had a very successful Yondu costume (from the Guardians of the Galaxy) which only took about 4 hours to get into (and countless hours to get put together over the last few months) but was totally worth it. I had a pretty decent Hulk costume as well for work, which took about 10 minutes to get into. I am definitely looking forward to the next opportunity to wear the Yondu one again, even though I haven’t been entirely able to get the blue paint out of my ears and nose. I’m even starting to think about next year’s costume already although I promise to consider trying to not discuss it in depth until at least September-ish.


So what’s next? I don’t usually discuss specifically where I will be beforehand on social media but I will now. Next week I will be attending Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland Resort in California ( The Expo is being held on November 6th, 7th and 8th at the Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall. It’s a free expo providing information from non-profit support groups, epilepsy groups and centres, specialists and different exhibitors for products, medications and seizure dogs. There is a whole list of speakers. The list of topics includes pediatrics, advocacy, neurosurgery and academics. The event began in 2013 and has had some really amazing results with raising awareness and providing information to individuals and families.


There are also going to be speakers discussing their experiences with epilepsy. I am very honoured to be included as one of those speakers. I’m also pretty darn terrified. My topic is going to relate to epilepsy, athletics and what my experiences have been with that. It’s pretty terrifying to think that people are going to be listening to me talk (I might even have a microphone!). Everyone I’ve spoken with at the EEADL organization has been unbelievably phenomenal and I’m definitely looking forward to meeting them in person but I’m also pretty darn terrified (did I mention that yet)?  I’m shaking in my boots (ha ha, shaking) about all of it: what I will say, what I will wear, and you know, whether or not I’ll have a seizure that morning and then not remember any of it.  All neuroses aside, I am so excited to be attending this event. I am so excited to be a part of it. This is such a fantastic event and I am really looking forward to seeing it all in person.


Following the Expo and also while in Disneyland, I will be participating in the runDisney Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. I am registered for the Spiderman 5K and the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge (which is the Thor 10K and the Avengers Half Marathon). I am pretty excited about this as well. I have super cute running shirts made and I plan to take as many photos as possible during the race. In 2018, Disneyland in California won’t be hosting any runDisney events due to renovations, so I’m glad to be registered to run while I can!


I’m sure I’ve got at least one more thing being planned out following this trip, because heaven forbid I not over-commit myself, but I am trying not to think about those things now. My brain might just simply explode and then I’ll have to clean up that mess (on top of cleaning my shower, which is coated a solid blue from the Halloween costume). I’ve considered moving just to avoid it.

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