How about we change the way we all look at things? Instead of it being a marathon that’s a success, how about every single day is a win? What if we start considering every single day a win? All of our moments. Let’s set goals, let’s make plans and allow there to be a range with them.


A couple days ago, I woke up and I went for a really nice coffee date with friends.

Yesterday, I woke up and I had a great afternoon with my sister.

Today, I woke up and went for a run.

All those days, I woke up and didn’t have a seizure.

All those days, I woke up.


In the last two days, I did not run a marathon. I did not solve world conflict, or get a promotion, or win the lottery, or anything on that scale. That doesn’t mean that I cannot be absolutely thrilled about what did or didn’t happen. I went for a run. I had a coffee. I didn’t have a seizure. I woke up.


Sometimes I get caught up in goal-setting and when I don’t reach whatever expectation I’ve set for myself, I am disappointed (to say the least). These aren’t external expectations even, they are just things I believe I should be able to do. I should have done.


Even on a small scale, I have expectations of myself. I know that there is a pile of laundry waiting to be washed. I have a huge stack of library books that I really would like to read (and that expectation has a timeline before the books need to be returned). I haven’t gone for a run for a couple days. Then again, worst case scenario, I renew the books and read them. That laundry will be washed when I have run out of socks. There are bear and cougar sightings in the immediate area, and I don’t want to get eaten (but I could go to the gym…unless the cougars and bears have gym passes, I should be safe). I don’t need to put any guilt on myself for things that don’t need guilt. I should be focusing on the things that I have accomplished.


I have mentioned this quote before, but crossing the finish line isn’t the victory. Having the courage to get to the starting line is.


That includes the training. That includes the time that we dedicate to the things that we want to do. A marathon isn’t just 42.2 kilometres and a few hours. It’s hundreds of kilometres and days that we have dedicated to it, divided up through training. All of that is a victory. Every single time we lace up our sneakers (or get into whatever the goal is), we should be proud of ourselves.


I have two really exciting things coming up.


First off, I will be speaking again at the “Tales From Another Dimension 3”, hosted by John Wilson of the podcast “Wasting Your Time with John Wilson” live from the Calgary Comic Expo. On April 25, I will be defending my role as reigning champion in choosing a film and debating on how I could have made it better. I will be up against two previous champions, so it should get interesting and heated! I’ve attempted to attach the link via Facebook below (hopefully it works), and hopefully anyone in the Calgary area comes out to support!



Even later this month, I will be speaking at the British Columbia Epilepsy Society’s Expo and AGM (I have attached the link to their website below). On April 29th, I will be discussing some of my experiences and perspectives on my condition. I am super excited and super nervous. There are going to be some amazing speakers there and it will be a really powerful experience. It is a huge event, and I am really looking forward to being at it and being a part of it. Hopefully anyone reading this in the Vancouver or West Coast area will be excited to come out and join in the event!






So, while by the end of April I may not have found a solution to world trauma, I will have attempted to defend my title at Tales From Another Dimension 3, and will have hopefully provided some motivating and thought-provoking feelings at the BCE AGM. Those seem like pretty amazing goals to me. Wish me luck!

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