Seize Your Adventure Podcast

In lieu of a blog post this week, I would like to share with you a podcast that I was invited to join.

I give you: Seize Your Adventure: I Am a Runner (Part One)

Seize Your Adventure is an outdoors/adventure organization based in the UK. I came in touch with the founder (Fran Turauskis) earlier this year, and she herself is really amazing. She has done the Camino de Santiago hike in Spain and a number of other adventures. Very recently, Fran completed the Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon (100km) as part of her #30at30forEpilepsy Awareness Challenge. She runs social media pages, a website and a podcast. Definitely take a look at Fran’s work, because her experiences and goals are beyond inspirational. Because I know that word (“inspirational”) can be a bit loaded, I will also refer to Seize Your Adventure as funny, heart-wrenching, encouraging, and motivating.

I was super honoured to be invited to be part of her podcast, and I hope all of you enjoy it as well! I’ve attached all the links below:



Amanda Plomp Part One | I Am a Runner

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