Fast and Female – Charity Organization

Fast and Female is a charity organization in Canada and the US. They have a ton of ambassadors, supporters, volunteers, amazing athletes who are involved in their community and their goals. What are their goals? I am taking some of this directly from their website (I’ll post the link below). Their vision is a “positive, empowering culture for all girls in sports” and their mission is to “Keep girls healthy and active in sports”.


And, this is the part that gets me right to my heart: How? “By introducing girls to strong female role models – because you can’t be what you can’t see.


They host events with speakers, have an awesome website, host lots of events to introduce girls to sports and keep an awesome blog. These events are held across Canada and the US.


I love this organization because I think it is so crucial to motivate and encourage people to be involved in athletics. There is the reality that sometimes social constructs make it difficult for girls to take those steps, never mind the economics that always go along with sports. It can be terrifying to start something new, to meet new people, to have to learn from scratch about what we are doing. I might run, but I don’t climb. I don’t know how to. I want to learn, but even the idea of that is daunting and I know I will be terrible at it when I start. I think that is the way for most people, even more so sometimes for girls and young women. This organization works to show those girls and young women what is possible.


This organization shows that we can be role models, we can all be encouraging, we can all inspire. It shows us that even people who are already active have role models and people they look up to. We never have to stop being motivated by each other, and we can all work to raise each other up.


For this month’s newsletter, I had the honour of contributing an article. In it, I discuss my role models and what seeing powerful athletic women has meant to me. If you go to their website or Instagram account, you can see the post. You can also sign up for their newsletter, which always has inspiring articles. I won’t include my article here, but I will quote myself: “We have the ability to provide positive energy and support to the others we are involved with”. I definitely recommend checking out this website and sharing it with the people in your life.



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