Important Things

It’s currently the morning of Christmas Day for me. I am not with my family, but I’m with my friend who adopted me into her family. It has been a very different Christmas for me.

I watched Die Hard for the first time.

Gifts have yet to be opened but we aren’t in any rush.

Tonight’s dinner will be fondue, not turkey.

We went for a run this morning despite my Xmas Eve hangover and it was invigorating.

The new season of Letterkenny was released today.

Die Hard is TOTALLY a Christmas movie.

Stop reading this blog post and go spend today with your friend or family or however you can but enjoy the day. Enjoy it in whatever small or big way you can. We might not be able to have exactly what we want, but we certainly do have more Letterkenny! Now it’s time for cinnamon buns and mimosas!

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