There’s really no deep, thought-provoking topic for this post. Nothing significant. Nothing substantial or momentous or revealing or overly motivational. It’s not a serious post, that is going to be grounds for self-reflection and assessment. Nope.

It is sunny outside. It’s really sunny. It is hot outside. It’s really hot. I absolutely love it.

I’ve gone for a run every day this week. Some days I’ve gone out before work with a coffee and walked and watched the sunrise and then done a run at lunch. Yesterday I went for a run and got quite the sunburn (I was out a lot longer than I anticipated – I will remember sunscreen going forward).

I went for a run earlier this morning and then after I got home and showered, I decided I wasn’t ready to be inside. So I went for a walk on a different route. I bought a print from a local artist along the waterfront. I stopped in at a running store and bought another pair of sunglasses. I have my running headphones on still even though now I am at home and writing because sometimes I like being completely immersed in the music. In fantastic timing, it’s the song “Twist and Shout” by the Beatles, so literally the most fun song ever (I am open to debate on this).

The sun is shining. Whether you feel like running or sitting on a porch, it’s the perfect time. Stop reading my blog and go outside. That’s an order.

If you are reading this and where you live is not sunny today, just imagine it…. And play perky music and remember that the sun will come out again. To quote a musical “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”. If you’re stuck inside, watch a movie that is super inspiring and fun. Evolution? Lilo & Stitch? Shrek?

My phone is playing “All Star” by Smash Mouth now. It’s like it knows it’s a sunny day and sunny days deserve bouncy music.

The world is entering into the second year of something that most of us have never experienced. The lock-downs suck. I miss parties too. I miss going into work and interacting with people. It’s the way it is still. It will get better or we will adapt. Until then, we have to acknowledge positive things, no matter how big or little. So sunshine is amazing. My music timing is amazing for a fantastic weekend. The view of the waterfront is beautiful. We have these things.

“Walkin’ on the Sun” by Smash Mouth. Seriously. I’ve got to get outside again. Have a wonderful weekend!

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