What’s Next?

As described in my last post, I didn’t finish the ultra. I tried to be positive about it at the time and take pride in the fact that I did actually start it, etc. I’ve spent the last couple weeks being kind of miserable about it. I thought I could do it. I was sure I could do it. I tried to do it. No matter how ready I was, I still slipped on a rock before I could even get up the mountain. Somehow I should have anticipated that, been ready for that, not have injured my ankles. Which is all nonsense of course, because there are environmental factors that I cannot anticipate, there are split-decisions that I have to make and it I work hard to try running in the rain (and more climbing), I can be better prepared for next year. Which is the plan.

What’s next for 2021 though? There are still a few months to go.

In a couple of weeks I will be doing the Royal Victoria Half-Marathon. I’ve done the marathon a few times here but this year they are only offering the half and an 8K. So I’m doing the half. It’s a road race, which I am more familiar with and I’ve been running again so I’m comfortable with my ability to do the race. I will always have the challenges of being epileptic to go along with it, whether or not I seize in my sleep the night before, or the morning of. I will always have the challenges of being clumsy and falling over a chair the day before (like we saw before the ultra). Either way, I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be a chance to race and on a terrain that I am way more familiar with.

Less than a month later I will be doing a series of races in Disney World (barring cross-border travel and all that). Disney has the runDisney event of the 5k/10k/half-marathon offered in Florida. I am registered for all three and have my plane tickets booked. The races are first thing in the morning through the parks on sequential dates. The theme is “villains”, so I could hardly resist it. I’ve done two of the runDisney series in California way back in 2017 (the Tinkerbell 10k/half and the Marvel 5k/10k/half) and I actually really love them. They aren’t PR-breaking races, they have cast members dressed like the characters so it’s a chance to see the parks and take photos with villains. I am really hoping to see Gaston, Cruella, Ursula, Captain Hook and Hades. I promise to take some good photos.

I have one race registered for in 2022 (a carry-over from 2020) and I will start looking into more options. I plan to continue doing yoga because it is an amazing stretch that I don’t normally indulge in but with the weather starting to get darker at night, it’s not like I am going to be out running alone that late. As a means of cross-training between days that I go running, it’s fantastic and I get absolutely the most amazing sleep afterwards. I might try bouldering, although with work, running and yoga (plus a few other commitments) I don’t know if I will have enough time.

Point of this blog was that yes, I was very disappointed in myself that I didn’t finish the ultra. I cried. Not at the race, not where people would see, but when I was alone. I was proud of myself for starting but at the same time, I was angry at the things that stopped me from finishing that weren’t even related to my medical condition. I was taking a risk, pushing myself knowing I am epileptic and I didn’t get to overcome that. I just simply couldn’t overcome a slippery rock. Sometimes I build something up so much that I think that just my will to succeed should be sufficient. I can be as prepared as I want but that is never going to change the factors that are outside of my control. I can think all the negative thoughts about what I should have done but that race is over. All I can do is learn from it.

In the end, it is not going to stop me from registering for the next opportunity to race.


  1. You doing this with epilepsy really shows just how much more mettle you have than the average person. And it’s great that you see this as something that spurs you on instead of stopping you. Thanks for the inspiration!


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