Back In Action

So it’s been awhile since I wrote. Almost three months. That’s probably the longest stretch I’ve gone. I promise to try to get back at writing regularly. It’s cathartic to me, even if no one reads it. It’s like talking to someone when there is no one to talk to.

In the time since I climbed the mountain in Crowsnest Pass:

  • I’ve kept working on my courses. I am getting close to finishing the program and I have to say, part of me is considering if/what I want to study after
  • I haven’t been running. My arm is still injured (although it feels like it’s getting better) and I don’t want to risk making it completely awful again
  • I am unemployed and trying to find work
  • I moved across the country and now am living in the Greater Capital Region of Canada

The move was pretty big but not as impulsive. I had been thinking about it for awhile and trying to anticipate what I would do. Victoria did not have the work environment conducive to the industry I wanted to live in. For all that people like to say that the island has great hiking and running trails, I had found that the running trails in the city were not maintained and not safe to run alone. The hiking was difficult to get to without a vehicle. Taking a bus for an hour to get to a running route is not terribly appealing to me. In all the time that I lived in British Columbia, I only saw a couple cities and routes (keeping in mind C19). I didn’t get to discover the city either. I’ve been living out in the east now for only a few weeks and already I have seen more parks and trails, as well as more parts of multiple cities. I am only a few hours via bus from Montreal. I am close to New York, where I have always wanted to do the marathon. That alone is inspiration to get back to running and really pushing myself.

It’s been hard though. It’s a new city. I’ve actually never been to Quebec or Ottawa even as a tourist, so I don’t know the slightest thing about what is here (apart from the Parliament, of course). A moving company brought all of the furniture across the company and managed to destroy all of it. So I was sleeping on an air mattress for a few weeks, then I had to purchase a new bedframe. It’s just that a poor sleep could lead to potential seizures, so less about comfort and more about being able to keep functioning. I’ve made claims to the moving company, of course, but the process takes 8-10 weeks and I can’t wait that long. In the meantime, clothes and books just have to wait on the floor. Other than that… I worry. I worry about everything. I worry I won’t find work. I worry that the claim won’t be processed. I worry that I’m getting fat (I spend a lot of time at my computer). Worry worry worry.

This is one of the bigger risks I’ve taken, I’ll acknowledge that. It’s also one that I needed to take. I needed to get away from a place that wasn’t meant for me (or I wasn’t meant for it, whichever). I needed to challenge myself in a new career and new life. I mean, not completely new. I’m still epileptic. That’s the truth of it though, I’m epileptic. Wherever I chose to live, whatever I choose to do for work or as hobbies, that is part of me all the time. I couldn’t let it stop my need for change.

I am looking forward to snow in the winter. I’ve missed it.

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