Happy Holidays!!!!

Whatever holiday you celebrate! Even if you don’t celebrate holidays, I hope you are having a wonderful send-off to 2018!

Can you imagine!!!!?! We are in the last days of 2018! This year has both dragged on and raced by!

I am in California for the holidays this year and it blows my mind that there is grass and not snow. My California Christmas has included me learning to do a walkover, explored a candy shoppe and helped build a ginger bread house (the theme was a derelict house that has both when nature is taking over and a fire – a bakers torch was used).

I’ll keep this one short so everyone can go spend time with their families and friends or however they choose. Thank you to all the emergency responders who are working and keeping us safe and healthy and aren’t able to be with their families at the moment. It is very much appreciated!

I hope everyone gets what they want the most, and is reminded the depth of love, family, faith and hope!

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